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Rarissime guardie in bronzo 
di un morso cinese antico,
risalente alla Dinastia Shang
circa 1.100 a.C.
Collezione Giannelli

Four millennia of equestrian civilization on display (part2)

by Giovanni Battista Tomassini Golden ornaments of Ostrogoth harnesses, Viking bits and stirrups, rare ancient Chinese bits and…


Four millennia of equestrian civilization 
on display (part 1)

by Giovanni Battista Tomassini Many important pieces of the Giannelli Collection of ancient bits are displayed for the…

2 - Cover

The Austrian Art of Riding

by Giovanni Battista Tomassini Have you ever wondered how the riders of the Spanish Riding School of Vienna…

Guilded bronze bit
France - Restoration (1814-1830)
Picture © Michele Ostini

Equus frenatus. The book about the Giannelli Collection of ancient bits

by Giovanni Battista Tomassini Sumptuous. With a very accurate editorial format and beautiful images, which perfectly render the…

Ferdinand Albrecht, Later Duke of Brunswick-Lüneburg-Bevern, by John Wotton  (1682-1764)
(courtesy of Arthur Ackermann & Son, London)

A book that changed my life. A personal tribute to Sylvia Loch.

by Giovanni Battista Tomassini It seems that nowadays we read less and less. Or rather, it seems we…

Emiliano Scipioni (on the left) and Carlo Montagna preparing a horseshoe

A passion called farriery

by Giovanni Battista Tomassini “If you exclude prodigious and individual moments that destiny can give us, to love…

The striking performance of the airs above the ground  
 "in hand"
Picture © PSML – Bruno Barata

Back to Belem. 
The inauguration of the new arena 
of the Portuguese School of Equestrian Art in Lisbon

by Giovanni Battista Tomassini pictures by Melis Yalvac, Rita Fernandes and Bruno Barata At the center of the arena,…


The new Equestrian Art Library in Queluz, Portugal

by Giovanni Battista Tomassini Perhaps some of you may think that this is a place just for scholars or…

The exhibition shows one of the largest private collection of ancient bits in the world
Foto © Gaetano Cucinotta

The Giannelli Collection of ancient bits on display in Travagliato

by Giovanni Battista Tomassini Hidden treasures are still discovered, even today. For those who love the history of…

Lo splendido scenario di Piazza del Popolo a Roma, durante uno degli spettacoli del Carnevale Romano 2013 - foto © Barbara Roppo

A new generation of Italian riders

by Giovanni Battista Tomassini There are historical reasons why, in our country, even though Italy has been the cradle…

Massimo Da Re
Il disegno è di Stefano Marchi

Resolution Day: Chronicle of a successful experiment

by Giovanni Battista Tomassini I beg the readers of this blog to grant me an exception. I know…

In the fifteenth century, Dom Duarte claimed that riding a horse formed a person’s character because it instills courage
(The tournament of Camelot, miniature from Gautier Map, Le livre de messire Lancelot du Lac,  manuscript of the fifteenth century
Source: gallica.bnf.fr / Bibliotèque nationale de France)

In horseback riding “it always remains something to desire”

by Giovanni Battista Tomassini “In the military art there is no discipline more beautiful of this of the…

Giorgio Vasari, Studies of horses heads, Sixteenth century, Parigi, Musée du Louvre

Riding as a way to cultivate the soul. Dom Duarte and the remedies against fear

by Giovanni Battista Tomassini In the nature of the horse there is a duplicity that, for better or worse,…

Benozzo Gozzoli, The cavalcade of the Magi (detail)
Palazzo Medici Riccardi - Firenze

Hello fellow horse lovers!

Even if as a journalist I work in the field of politics, since the beginning of my career,…

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