History, culture and traditions of classical horsemanship







Ancient treatises about horsemanship

The Virtual Library of the National Veterinary School of Lyon
It contains about seventy works on horsemanship by French, Italian, English and German authors

Ancient books web portal of Saumur’s French National Riding School
Web portal through which are available many books of the French National Riding School library, but also about five hundred documents from other websites, such as Gallica (the digital collection of the National Library of France), Google Books, Archive.org, etc..

Documentation Centre of  the Saumur’s French National Riding School
Rich in information and research tools.

Maestrini Collection from the Digital Library of the University of Bologna
The works about horse care and horsemanship from the Library of the Faculty of Veterinary

The four European schools

The Spanish Riding School in Vienna

Cadre Noir de Saumur

Real Escuela Andaluza del Arte Ecuestre

Escola Portuguesa de Arte Equestre

Partner sites

GXE Crossmedia

Lusitano Life

Lusitano Portal

Le monde du cheval et de l’équitation

Allevamento Due Lune

Morgado Lusitano

Trish Braithwaite Equestrian

Jason Malouin photography

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