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Cesare Fiaschi 4

New information about the life 
of Cesare Fiaschi

by Giovanni Battista Tomassini New interesting and unknown details of Cesare Fiaschi’s biography emerge from the study of…

François-Xavier Fabre, Vittorio Alfieri e la Contessa Luisa Stolberg d' Albany, 1796
Palazzo Madama - Torino

Without horses I’m not even the half of myself. The equestrain passion of Vittorio Alfieri. Part 2

by Giovanni Battista Tomassini In the first part of this article, we discovered the great passion for horses and…

François-Xavier Fabre,  Portrait of Vittorio Alfieri, 1793, 
Museo degli Uffizi - Firenze

Without horses I’m not even the half of myself. The equestrian passion of Vittorio Alfieri. Part 1

by Giovanni Battista Tomassini Given the perverse imagination of those who draw up the syllabus, I do not know…

Bellerofonte uccide la Chimera
Cesare Fiaschi, Traité de la maniere de bien emboucher, manier et ferrer les chevaux, Paris, chez Adrien Perrier, 1564 (frontespizio)


by Giovanni Battista Tomassini Son of Glaucus and grandson of Sisyphus, the king and founder of the city of…

Cavalli strigliati e abbeverati
Pannello dal Palazzo Nord-occidentale di Ashurnasirpal (Iraq del Nord), 883-859 a. C.
© Trustees of the British Museum


by Giovanni Battista Tomassini We know very little about this mysterious character, whose name, however, is remembered for being…

Federico Mazzucchelli and his horse Stornello
(from Scuola Equestre)

Federico Mazzucchelli

by Giovanni Battista Tomassini Descendant of one of the most prominent families from Brescia, the younger son of the…

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